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“Tamisha’s organization abilities and understanding of the complexities of diversity topics provide a structure that makes all of her workshops profound and moving. In addition, Tamisha has that rare ability to push each participant forward in their understanding, even those who are most resistant to addressing challenging topics, such as race. She balances intellectual understanding (she does her research!) and creates space for participants to process their emotional responses, as well.”

Jinni Durham, English Teacher

Oakwood Friends School, Poughkeepsie, NY

"Tamisha's artful, flexible facilitation was incredible. She facilitated a retreat for our Leadership Team that exceeded expectations in every way. She is incredibly adaptive yet maintains a clear focus for the time we spent together as a team."

Karen Bioski-Simon

Assistant Principal, SFUSD

"Tamisha is a dynamic and personable facilitator. She has such a keen sense of the room's needs and adapts quickly to address the needs and move towards solutions. At the core of her work is genuine equity, and she provides the frameworks so that teams who have never experienced a feeling of trust, consistency, or equity can experience it for the first time. More importantly, she supports the whole group with tangible, replicable tools to continue the work once the workshop has ended."


High School Teacher, San Francisco, CA

We came to Tamisha with a difficult quandary: a small team project with complex interpersonal and professional dynamics and an abundance of history and hard feelings. On top of that, the exigencies of geography required that we work together remotely. At every step Tamisha was wonderful to work with! She was thoughtful, clear, and well-prepared for each session, and facilitated a self-reflective multi-step process for our group that allowed us to see ourselves and our partnership with greater clarity and empathy. At every moment she held us each to a high standard of respect and professionalism with each other, even (and perhaps most especially) when the temperature was rising. I am grateful for the work she did with us, and would absolutely recommend Tamisha to friends and colleagues.


Educator and Curator, San Francisco, CA

Tamisha planned and executed a fabulous introductory training with our school's Leadership team. We began by focusing on better understanding our own identities with an insightful "identity wheel" exercise, followed by a discussion of who is - and is not - present at our leadership table. Both exercises helped build trust and rapport within our team, while allowing us to examine the privileges, blindspots, empathies, and understandings inherit in our own identities and those of our teammates. Ultimately, we were able to explore ways in which we could work to become a more aware and inclusive leadership team. The half-day session ended with an in-depth exploration of our hiring process, and what steps we could take to consciously build a more diverse faculty at our school. Our team left feeling challenged, stretched, empowered, and motivated to further our diversity, equity, and inclusion work. Several team members commented to me that this was one of the best and most adeptly facilitated professional development experiences they have ever had. Tamisha worked closely with me to plan and implement a training that was tailored to my team, and we felt the results of her careful thought and planning. I strongly recommend Tamisha's consulting services for any school's DEI needs, where they are in the beginning stages or further into their journey. Thank you, Tamisha, for providing us with such a valuable learning experience that has helped catalyze important growth within our community!

Mariah Pospisil

Director of Teaching and Learning, Charles Armstrong School, Belmont, CA