Signature Services

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Signature Services


Tamisha’s signature workshops are:

Who’s at the Table?

What we don’t know as leaders, and what we don’t regularly critically examine, can have a negative impact on those we serve. This workshop provides leadership teams an opportunity to examine the cultures and identities represented around their leadership table. Participants will understand the blindspots that exist on their team and discuss how these blindspots can limit their awareness and understanding of constituent needs and lived experience. Teams will strategize ways to effectively serve constituents across difference, especially those whose identities are not represented within the organization’s leadership bodies. 

Centering the Most Vulnerable: Using an equity lens as a framework for leadership

As leaders we must ensure that the lenses of equity and inclusion are central to our work thus elevating the lives of the communities we’re serving. When members of our community are unable to fully participate in programming, have limited access to resources, and don’t feel included as community members, it is often a result of structural and systemic barriers that exist. In this workshop, participants will learn the framework of centering the most vulnerable, identify their organization’s most vulnerable constituents, reflect on current practices and policies that impact those community members, and develop strategies and techniques for assessing and addressing the impact to create structural change for their most vulnerable community members.

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